- Biography -


At the age of seven COUNTRY ROSE asked her father to show her how to play chords on a guitar. As her parents sang so beautiful „You Are My Sunshine“ in 2 voices COUNTRY ROSE has loved Country Music since her early days.

At the age of eight she had her first public performance on a mother`s day party in front of 400 people. Performances in kindergardens, schools, ... followed. When she had to perform on bigger events, she founded a band. No other female German Country artist has been in the business for such a long time as COUNTRY ROSE. You will feel this experience in every of her shows and her CDs.

COUNTRY ROSE does not only sing Country she even lives (on the) country. In Niestetal near Kassel (Germany) she lives on her Ranch with a small and a big saloon, animals, ... and the other belongings.

Every year she organizes in April or May an international Country Music festival on her ranch. Besides all popular German Country Music artists American Country musicians like Charly McCoy, Freddy Weller, Dickey Lee, Bobby Bare, Rattlesnake Annie, ... have been to Country Rose. She is supported by her COUNTRY ROSE FAN CLUB e.V.

She met Albert Lee, the guitarist of countless stars like Everly Bros., Emmylou Harris,... After they had talked about song ideas he booked a studio in London and Nashville and produced with her 2 songs: „One Night Love“ and „Smoking Green Eyes“.

Her first appearance on TV was in a show of the Saar TV. She had further performances in the TV-Show of RTL and other TV shows of Swiss and Austrian television stations with her songs „Du spielst mit dem Feuer“ and „Bei Country Rose ist was los“ (both written and composed by COUNTRY ROSE). In the last years she has been invited by radio stations of Nashville, Canada, Switzerland, Spain, ... and has toured in Russia, where she appeared on TV (10 Mio. TV viewer).

She placed second in the 1. European Grand Prix of German Country Music with the Duo „Hallo Country Rose“. This title is available on her CD „Bei Country Rose ist was los“, appeared at KOCH Records. A producer from Hollywood liked COUNTRY ROSE and signed a contract with her. She will appear in one of his next motion-pictures with 2 of her songs as an actress and a singer.

A movie producer was so fascinated about Country Rose, that he engaged her to perform and act in one of his next motion pictures.

The listeners of a German radio station chose COUNTRY ROSE in a poll for Country Music star of the year this year as the last one.

Country Rose has been honored with the golden FANlight. It is awarded for outstanding care for someones fans.

1998 Country Rose has been honored by the town she lives in, with the highest recommendation, the Ehrenmedallie in Silber.

After her successful CD "Spaß am Leben" Country Rose recorded an English CD for her fans of the English Music.
She recorded it with the best musicians, she could find in Nashville. The title of the CDs "O' Carlos" and is available in stores.

1998 Country Rose was the only Country Singer, who was engaged for the official Deutschlandfest 1998. It has been broadcastet by the ZDF-TV-station and has been seen by 15 million viewers.

1999 Country Rose recorded with one of the most successful German producers, Burkhard Brozat, a new fantastic CD.

The CD Männer und Frauen was published in April 1999 and was presented at the 15. International Country Music Festival taking place at the Ranch of Country Rose in Niestetal (near Kassel).

After the Festival special events will followed. So Country Rose was engaged for four (!) performances on the biggest German Country Festival at the Nürburgring, summer 1999 with her sympathic band.



The Festival 2000 country msuic stars like  Billie Jo Spears ("Blanket on the Ground") and Jonny Hill ("Teddy Bear") were loved by the crowd of Country Rose.



Again 2001 Country Rose presented very special musicians to her guests:   Stella Parton and Tom Astor have had a big success. Also John Smith Jr. and many others made the festival again a night to remember. For detail please take notice of chapter <Festival>.